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Talking about Fusion 3

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1 Talking about Fusion 3 el 27/9/2017, 09:18


Recuerdo del primer mensaje :

Hello Clickers

Welcome to the First Entry to the Blog of .... Talking about Fusion 3

Where every Monday we will talk and discuss everything about Fusion 3

To do this it is essential to know where we come from, where we are and where we want to go

As everyone already know Fusion 3 will be the new tool from Clickteam,  is being developed from scratch with technology 64 bits

One of the most important things in a fast and visual coding tool, is its Editor Code/Editor events

Clickteam has been a pioneer in this, from Klik and Play provided us a Visual events Editor based on a grid, The Event Editor

which facilitated greatly the task of creating a game, users without knowledge of programming could already create their first games and apps!!!

It's a good time to say again ...

Thank you Clickteam !!!

Clickteam was evolving its Events editor based on a grid, years passed, new versions, different names, new improvements

Klik & Play
Click and Create
The Games Factory
The Games Factory 2
Multimedia Fusion

Came the day that a new editor was added, the Event List Editor, in which appeared the lines of the events with their actions in vertical

Clickteam seems to think this would be more than enough, that the Event Editor was the main editor and the Event List Editor a secondary...
and did not evolve much more the Event List Editor, Clickteam leave the Event List Editor in a corner without giving him the affection that deserved it

And then appeared a competitor who clearly copied the philosophy of Clickteam
The competitor created an Event List Editor to edit visually,But in a much more elegant and better, in Horizontal !!!

Oh! Clickteam you slept a little here, things as they are,  well done things I say to them, the bad also

Not evolving the Event List Editor in Horizontal was clearly an ERROR, with capital letters

Why Clickteam not evolved the Event List editor to put it at the height of its direct competitor? (The one that copied the philosophy Clickteam)

Pride? Sloth?

We will never know

But I'm sure if they had, they would have convinced all those users that they do not like, nor will you ever like a Grid-based Event Editor
There are people like that, and you can not do anything to change them, They just do not feel comfortable with that kind of editor

It seems that all this will finally be solved with Fusion 3

Fusion 3 will merge The Event Editor with the Event List Editor
And all those people who prefer to edit code without grid can do it in a more comfortable way in HORIZONTAL

Bravo Clickteam!!!
So yes

I personally love both editors, I do not have crazies

I think it is a great success to merge them, because that implies that the Event List Editor will be Horizontal !!!

This will undoubtedly be one of Fusion 3's strengths against competitors

Of the system of events by Nodes I do not speak because it is disgusting

In Fusion 3 you can take advantage of the grid editor with the advantages of the list editor, a very powerful 2 in 1

I wish they would have given more affection to the Event List Editor before !!!

They are still on time

How about an update for Fusion 2.5 with an option to view the Event List editor in Horizontal?

Well this is all for the moment, which is not little

Feel free to comment on anything you want

Until next entry
Best regards Clickers

26 Re: Talking about Fusion 3 el 6/11/2017, 10:29


Hello Clickers

Here we are, in a new installment of

This week a short comparison with GameMaker Studio 2

Let's see some of the main characteristics

- Animated preview in the room
Like Construct 3 this option helps us see how the animations are on screen without running the game
it is curious to see that in KNP the option to see the animations of the actives running in the frame without executing was available, then it disappeared in later versions ...
We do not know if this option will be back in Fusion 3, but it should ...

- Image editor - Layers
One of the most pleasant surprises of GameMaker Studio 2 is its graphic editor, a little great wonder, with a lot of options and tools
includes the possibility of working with layers
We do not know if the graphic editor of Fusion 3 will have an option for layers, probably not...
Several times they have said that focusing on this type of detail would entail working time that could be devoted to improving the engine of Fusion 3
It has also been said that the graphic editor could be modified from Fusion 3
We sincerely believe that it is better that these types of options come already done because otherwise it gives the feeling that in Fusion 3 everything is still to be done...

With the year of delay (Fusion 3 was originally planned for 2016) they could have done this and many other things, sometimes I think that the development time in clickteam is very very slow compared to the pace that other programmers have in other tools

- Sound editor
Another pleasant Surprise, for when you want to modify slightly a sound, volume, quality etc
it's this kind of thing that makes the productivity increase, you do not need to leave the program to make small changes in the sound
Being able to change the volume of a sound seems fundamental to me
We have no idea if Fusion 3 will have a sound editor like that, probably not, for the reason explained above,
and it is a pity that Clickteam does not put more attention to these details and amenities offered by other tools

- Tileset editor, Autotile
Another very good feature that allows us to build scenarios for the game quickly and comfortably
the autotiling is simply great
I know I repeat myself a lot ... I'm aware of it ... but I'll say it one more time ...
It is this type of detail that make life much more enjoyable to the indie developers
We would like to see this feature in Fusion 3, it greatly facilitates the generation of levels

- Drag and Drop nodal events
This is the visual way to encode in GameMaker Studio 2, using nodes, which can then be converted to GML code if desired.
but we think it's not the best option
We believe that it is better the coding system that has Fusion 2.5 and that will bring Fusion 3 to encode visually
in this aspect Fusion 3 we sincerely believe will be ahead in ease of use Smile
By having an Event List Editor in Horizontal as Construct 2 and 3

If Fusion 2.5 had an Event List Editor in Horizontal, probably many users who opted for Construct 2 could have opted for Fusion 2.5
I know several users of construct 2 and talking to them they all tell me this

- Font Editor
This feature allows us to add fonts to our project in an easy and comfortable way with a preview, it includes a series of very useful options
Fusion 3 will have better support to handle texts, so we think that it can bring facilities in this aspect too, but we will have to wait to check it

- Path Editor
This Editor allows us to create very smooth path movements with little points
Fusion 2.5 has a path editor, but does not include the possibility of smoothing, so we thought that Fusion 3 could also have this improved path option, at least we hope so

- Support for touch screen
designed for laptop users, and allows you to have a better experience without using the mouse.
We really do not know if Fusion 3 will offer any kind of improvements in this aspect
we do not think it's something fundamental but any improvement is welcome

So far this week's comparison, there are many more features that we could mention (Notes, Timelines, etc), we have put the ones that we think are the most interesting

November is already here, time goes by very quickly, and soon many unknowns will be revealed, if the deadlines are met and Fusion 3 comes out this Christmas

We will continue next week, see you guiño

Greetings Clickers

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27 Re: Talking about Fusion 3 el 13/11/2017, 08:32


Hello Clickers

Here we are again like every Monday in

This week we are going to compare Godot with what we know about Fusion 3

- Free Software
Godot is completely free and open source under the very permissive MIT license. No strings attached, no royalties, nothing.
Your game is yours, down to the last line of engine code.

Fusion 3 will probably follow the path of Fusion 2.5 in terms of prices and licenses (Free, Standard, Developer)
but surely with a price increase, prepare your wallets!

it was commented that it would be a single payment, but ... we intuit that you will have integrated purchases

What does this mean?

we suspect that probably in Fusion 3 only the base comes, the engine
and all other programming facilities, will not come included, or you build or purchase them

for example:

Do you want a Pathfinding in Fusion 3?  Pay
Do you want dynamic lights in Fusion 3?  Pay

It's a guess, we really do not know if they're going to do this, but that's what we intuit from what was said ... when the issue of subscriptions has been discussed ...
we feel that if it were really like this it could be a big handicap, compared to other tools, but we would have to do a marketing study to check it

- Develop 2D Games / Develop 3D Games
Godot can create both 2D and 3D games

We believe that Fusion 3 can bring some 3D features but nothing compared to what Godot offers
Godot really competes with Unity in the 3D aspect, in fact some Unity users are switching to Godot, it seems that everyone speaks very well of Godot

and it is that Godot has a great and when I say great, I mean GREAT COMMUNITY behind giving support

Just watch your patreon

really these guys know how to do things well and win the affection of their users, accepting criticism and suggestions

Notice that you are allowed to vote on the roadmap

- Powerful and flexible animation system
with the possibility of using skeletons, Spriter style or Dragonbones
it's a real wonder, maybe it's these things that attract so many people to Godot ...

Probably Fusion 3 could introduce some similar system, but we doubt it very much, almost certainly not
since many times they have said and repeated that they prefer that we use third-party solutions and thus can focus exclusively on the engine of Fusion 3

- Script & Debug
Godot uses a language inspired by Python, which makes it very easy to use and learn
In version 3 Alpha, Godot incorporates a Visual Code Editor through nodes ...
Godot has a complete debug, and allows you to debug a game that runs on mobile devices
In addition, Godot allows you to optimize parts of the game or extend any part of the engine using C ++

From Fusion 3 we hope that the Debug is duly updated, it is really necessary that they offer an advanced debug
of the way of coding we have already said many times,
it is much more comfortable fast and nice the visual system of Fusion 2.5 and therefore that of Fusion 3 Smile

- Father and sons
Godot uses this system of parents and children very much in their way of working, it is also used by Fusion 3 ...
it seems that Fusion 3 has been inspired a lot in the way Godot works ...
This is really a feature of traditional programming that helps a lot to structure the code well

Godot is a very good tool, it has many other features included that will delight any indie developer and it is free !!!

Actually Fusion 3 has come out many and very good competitors as we are seeing
The advantage and the strongest point of Fusion 3 is its visual coding style but ...

Clickteam must work very hard and make a great effort in Marketing if they want to gain the trust of users
It is not an option to stay behind in Marketing, because whoever stays behind loses
We will continue with the blog, see you next week guiño

Greetings Clickers

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