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Fusion 2.5 Updates Betas


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1 Fusion 2.5 Updates Betas el 26/5/2016, 21:29


Os dejo con lo que trae la actualización de Fusion 2.5


Build 285.6 - Change log


- New tutorial made by Olivier, Faulty Flap, a Flappy Bird-like game.
- General:  new Tooltip Delay preference (in the Workspace tab) to change the delay of tooltips in event/frame editor. By default it's 500 ms but you might want to reduce it to display tooltips faster, especially in object lists in the event editor.
- Application properties: new "Disable IME" option (in the Windows tab) to disable IME in Windows stand-alone applications.
- Frame properties: entering a filename in the Demo File box could corrupt the frame.
- Frame editor: Ctrl+A now works when you edit a string object.
- Backdrop objects now have global object sub-options like active objects ("same name and type", etc).
- The "Frame number" expression now returns the frame index even if you execute the current frame with Run Frame.
- Random crashes when you use the Try Movement command with certain non-physical movements.
- Rare corruption issue when you load MMF1 or C&C applications.
- Picture editor: when you export an animation in a sprite sheet in box mode, the action point position had an incorrect color.
- Picture editor: resizing horizontally a selection may change its vertical size.
- Picture editor: the scrolling position in the frame list is now preserved when an operation forces a refresh of this list.
- Picture editor: color picker couldn't pick colors from the selected area.
- Picture editor: when you import a sprite sheet, fully transparent images could be removed anywhere in the sheet (instead of the ones at the bottom only).
- Picture editor: when you import a sprite sheet, full transparency detection was incorrect for pictures with alpha channel.
- Action editor (new): double clicking under the action list now inserts a new action.
- Event editor: Crash in Find Object function.
- Event editor: Object qualifier dialog box: typing a qualifier name after clicking another qualifier icon selected the wrong qualifier.
- Event editor: Undo "Insert comment" didn't work correctly.
- Event editor: the build type compatibility is not checked anymore for deactivated lines.
- Event editor: if a line contains more than 40 actions and you try to edit one of the last actions via the popup menu in the event editor this could corrupt events.
- Event editor: you can't insert conditions into comments or groups anymore, this was causing MFA corruption.
- Event editor (new): you can now edit an action by double-clicking on it in the popup action list.
- Event editors: the "you cannot have more than 127 actions in a single event" is now also displayed when you drag and drop actions.
- Event editors: new error message when you try to add more than 127 conditions in a single event.
- Event List editor: crash when you try to display an event with 128 actions.
- Expression editor: crash with some language configurations.
- Expression editor: the random/min/max buttons were broken
- Expression editor: deleting a selection was clearing the entire content
- The build time of mosaics in HTML5 applications has been reduced.

Windows runtime

- Application properties: new "Fit inside"option, available when you select the "Resize display to fill window size" option. If this option is selected, the width/height ratio of the application is preserved and black bands are added if necessary vertically or horizontally.
- The Change Resolution Mode option should now work even if the maximum resolution of the monitor is lower than the resolution of the application. Use the "Resize display to fill window size" and "Fit inside" options if you want your application to be entirely displayed.
- Debugger: the Step button was randomly working.
- Debugger: the mouse cursor is now visible when it's over the debugger window, even if it's hidden in the application.
- Set Frame Width and Set Frame Height now resize the child window if it's larger than the new size.
- Certain conditions that do a string comparison wouldn't work in non-Unicode extensions, for example the condition that compares the message type in the Instance Communicator object.
- Graphic filters not automatically included if Load Frame actions were used only in global events
- If you reach the maximum amount of backdrops and then the maximum number of objects in a frame Fusion no longer crashes.
- Crash at start in some cases when there are more than 10000 collision detections.
- Crash when you use a shader using a texture and switch to/from full screen mode.
- Active object: the current frame duration was not reset after animation changes causing the first frame of the next animation being played too quickly
- ClickBlocker object caused the Windows explorer to hang during several seconds after the stand-alone EXE is closed.
- DialogBox object: Incorrect indexes in combobox & listbox after inserting or deleting strings.
- DialogBox object: the Selected Item expression in the ComboBox control is updated when the dropdown list is open.
- Double-Precision Calculator object: fixed a crash in Add/Multiply.
- Easing object: odd parameter sizes in some actions, causing the next events to be aligned on odd addresses (causing issues in actions of Windows control using text parameters and possibly performance issues). The alignment is fixed when you load old applications with the build 285.1.
- Edit Box object: Ctrl+A now works in multiline mode.
- File object: possible random bug in the Open Selector functions, especially when the runtime is executed through Wine.
- Global Function object: it was broken in CF 2.5, it's fixed and available through the extension manager.
- HiScore object: Ask Player Name function didn't work for player 2.
- Hi-Score object: couldn't access file if the filename was containing Unicode characters. Note: this is fixed but those characters must be in the current user's language.
- INI and HiScore objects: they no longer modify the current directory.
- Layer object: random crashes when you run an iOS application with a Layer object from the editor and you use one of the Sort functions.
- ListView object: setting the column alignement to Left after setting it to Right or Center didn't work.
- Multiple Touch object: the Load Gesture function was broken
- Multiple Touch object: a second touch started event was triggered when you touch and drag.
- MultipleTouch object: circles are no longer displayed when you press the CTRL key.
- ODBC object: memory corruption and/or invalid characters in some cases when you retrieve data.
- OS object: now detects Windows 10.
- Physics: the Velocity Angle now returns -1 instead of -1.#QNAN if the object isn't moving
- Physics Fan: bug in Set Strencth action.
- Quiz object: report not completely saved.
- Rope & Chain object: fixed crashes.
- String object: the text was sometimes incorrectly wrapped in Direct3D 9 mode.
- Sub-application object: if the Display as sprite option was checked, the object was displayed below all the grtaphical objects of the frame.
- Sub-application object: if the Display as sprite option was checked, the mouse clicks were intercepted even if the sub-app object was invisible.
- Tooltip object: conversion issue in MMF2 applications.
- Invaders movement: crash in some cases when you destroy an object with a On Collide condition.

All runtimes

- A new "Do not reset frame duration after animation change" option has been added in the Active object's properties (Run options tab), as some applications have been affected by a previous fix that was done in the build 285.0 ("the current frame duration was not reset after animation changes causing the first frame of the next animation being played too quickly"). By default this option is not checked, i.e. the frame duration is reset, you have to check it if you want to keep the old behavior.
- The Get object is now installed by the update patches (for info the latest version is Unicode and supports different character sets).
- The "Destroy if too far from frame" option was ignored if "Inactivate if too far from window" was set to No, causing those objects being not destroyed when they were far from frame. This is fixed, however as this fix could cause issues in existing applications, a new option has been added to the Runtime properties of the application, to keep the previous behavior. This option is ON by default in existing applications and OFF in new applications.
- Crash in Pick object from Fixed value when you pass random values.

All runtimes except Windows runtime

- Position errors after a Wrap action if the timer-based movements are enabled.
- Advanded Direction object: bug in Compare Distance and Compare Direction conditions.

Android runtime

- The launcher icon is now 192x192 in size. The existing icon is automatically resized in the MFA, please check the image is OK and update it if necessary.
- The AdMob ID is removed from the app properties in the MFA
- Now supports API 23 of the Android SDK
- Immersive Navigation sticky bar is available for devices with api 19+ (4.4). For this, uncheck “Display Status Bar” in the Android app properties and uncheck the heading properties in the Window properties.
- Sounds wouldn't start on some devices
- Textures are recreated if necessary when activity is resumed.
- Corrected the Float To String expression.
- Fix in Range expression.
- Every 0"00 didn't work
- The Delete Object action didn't work in some cases when called from a Last Object Deleted condition
- The Frequency expression now returns the frequency for preloaded sounds, not for sounds with the "play from disk" option.
- Sounds: audio fix for Samsung and other devices that require audiofocus. (please test deeply)
- Fix in Set Frame Width and Height at Start of frame.
- When you paste a backdrop as "not an obstacle" in the layer 0 and the "handle collisions out of window" option is selected, the "not an obstacle" option is now taken into account.
- Optimization of display speed and collision detection for added backdrops.
- Restore Animation Direction was bugged
- ActiveBackdrop / Active Picture objects: now correctly displayed even in pause.
- Admob: changes in interstitial to correctly detect conditions.
- Active System Box/Background System Box: optimizations.
- Android Object: new feature to capture a portion of screen.
- Android object: crash with string expressions when you run the application in Windows mode.
- Android Plus: corrected a typo in float expression in windows extension.
- Android Plus: added a feature to set layout orientation using sensor, so you can use all orientation quadran.
- Android Plus: added condition to compare share with returned result.
- Android Plus: crash when one of the GetPreference expressions is used in a Compare condition when you run the application in Windows mode.
- Calculate Text Rect object was broken
- Chartboost object: the object can now be re-created at runtime.
- Chartboost: modified to meet the latest requirements and updated to SDK 6.4
- ComboBox object: crash if you try to remove an item at a negative index
- Easing object: fixes.
- Edit Object: now has a blinking cursor (in Android it makes play each letter you type though).
- Edit Object: you can now set the background and text colors via Control --- Aspect.
- HiScore Object: the UTF-8 flag was not correctly interpreted.
- List Object: the "Use system text font" option is valid until a new font action is requested.
- List box / Combo box: crash if you use -1 as index when you insert a line
- Movement controller object: Crash in some cases
- MultipleTouch object: in some cases when touches are cancelled by the system they were not cancelled in the object.
- OUYA: updated the version number in the windows extension to avoid problems with old versions.
- OUYA lib updated to odk 2.1a.
- Physics objects: better precision in direction calculations.
- Physics - Bouncing Ball movement: Set Deceleration had no effect
- Physics - Bouncing Ball movement: Crash in some cases when the object is destroyed.
- Platform Movement object: Crash in some cases
- String object not resized after a font change
- String parser object: Append/Prepend didn't add the string delimiter
- String parser object: was not correctly sorting.
- Sub-application object: the index was incorrectly 0-based in set/get global value/string functions, unlike the Windows runtime.
- Sub-application object: crash in some cases when the object is created.
- 8 direction movement: did not respond correctly to joystick when non rotation was set in properties.
- Circular movement: Set Radius not working in the Clickteam Movement Controller
- Pinball movement: added Set Deceleration + fix in maximum speed.
- There are changes in the permissions if target API of your application is the API #23 (Android 6+) and the device is running Android 6 or greater.
In this case the authorization is asked when the permission is used (or when the object is created if the permission concerns an object).

Reminder of some cases where you have to select Android permissions:
* if one of your objects reads files from external storage (i.e. not from an embedded binary file and not from the application directory), you have to select the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.
* if one of your objects writes files, you have to select the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission (unless you write files to the application directory and your app requires API #19+ / Android 4.4+, as since API #19 this permission is not required if you write files to the directory of your application).
* Camera object: you have to select READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and CAMERA
* GMaps and Location objects, and Webview if geolocation is used: you have to select ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION and ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION

HTML5 runtime

- You couldn't use the Bounce action on a qualifier if an object with this qualifier hadn't a bouncing ball movement.
- Text conditions: crash in Is StrikeOut and Is Underline conditions.
- Sound issue on iOS devices.
- ForEachLoopIndex no longer returns 0 for qualifiers.
- Extension objects: position parameters didn't work correctly (in Set Position for example).
- The Delete Object action didn't work in some cases when called from a Last Object Deleted condition
- Crash in Pick object from Fixed value when you pass random values.
- Create Object By Name crash if name is invalid
- No seams anymore between backdrop objects when scaling is used
- Bug in RGB At function
- Wrong mouse coordinates when the frame size is different from the app window size
- Bug in Mouse on object / User clicks on object conditions if the object has an angle or is stretched
- Active Backdrop object: crash after Restart Frame
- Active System Box: the Set Text Color action in the general Text menu had no immediate effect
- Calculate Text Rect object: the font name was not taken into account, causing incorrect height in some cases and the height was incorrect when the text ends with an empty line.
- ComboBox: 1-based index option had no effect.
- Controls: the tab order was wrong
- Control objects not displayed in sub-apps
- Control objects not displayed if the application has a preloader
- Cursor object: Hand cursor was not a hand
- Date & Time object: crash after hour change
- Easing object: fixes.
- Hi-score object: Show / Hide didn't work and could crash the application.
- HiScore object: incorrect score alignment.
- HiScore object: incorrect alignments and crash when the score is displayed first.
- List box / Combo box: Insert Line didn't work
- List/ComboBox/MultipleTouch objects couldn't read embedded files
- Location object: fixes.
- Multiple Touch object: Scrolling position was not taken into account in "touch on object" conditions.
- Multiple touch object: bugs.
- Physics - Joint object: Crash with the "Link to the ground" option
- Picture object: crash in New Picture action.
- String Parser object: ListContains expression always returns 0.
- String Parser object: the delimiter was not added in Append & Prepend expressions.
- Sub-application: you couldn't create more than a limited number of sub-apps in Chrome.
- Sub-application: the index was incorrectly 0-based in set/get global value/string functions, unlike the Windows runtime.
- Sub-application object: crash in some cases.
- Pinball movement: added Set Deceleration + fix in maximum speed.

Flash runtime

- Build error on Turkish machines
- Fix in layer scrolling.
- Fix in effects for frame and layers.
- Text conditions: crash in Is StrikeOut and Is Underline conditions.
- The Delete Object action didn't work in some cases when called from a Last Object Deleted condition
- Crash in Pick object from Fixed value when you pass random values.
- The HTML file could be corrupted if the filename was too long
- Easing object: fixes.
- HiScore object: incorrect score alignment when the name is displayed first.
- HiScore object: incorrect name alignment when the score is displayed first.
- INI files not loaded anymore from embedded binary files
- Lacewing: Villy fixed it, it now works with CF 2.5, the version in the extension manager has been updated.
- Multiple Touch object: problem with New Touch On Object condition.
- Physics objects: better precision in direction calculations.
- Physics - Bouncing Ball movement: Set Deceleration had no effect
- String Parser object: the delimiter was not added in Append & Prepend expressions.
- String Parser object: bug in sort functions.
- Sub-application: the index was incorrectly 0-based in set/get global value/string functions, unlike the Windows runtime.
- Pinball movement: added Set Deceleration + fix in maximum speed.
- 8-direction movement: did not respond correctly to joystick when non rotation was set in properties.

iOS runtime

- Fixed error when using text in iOS 6.
- Fixed "Play sound over frames" option.
- Fixes in the sound player.
- Fixed scroll independent object jumping around on some layers.
- Added support for any type of URL connection.
- Updated project and settings files to fix compatibility issues.
- Now supports iPadPro icon, the iPad icon is automatically resized when you load the MFA, check it.
- Fixed a crash in the renderer.
- Fixed object transitions offsetting image
- Fixed some random clicking at the end of sounds
- Crash when you use more than 26 alterable values.
- The runtime supports the new features in the Get object.
- Advanced Game Board object: Improved performance
- Calculate Text Rect object: fix
- Date & Time object: fixed font related bugs
- Edit object: bug in the Is Number condition.
- INI object: Delete Group had no effect if no other change was made to the INI file before going to another frame.
- INI object: crash in Load / Save Object Position actions if the object cannot be determined.
- iOS Video object: fixed a white flash
- List objects were invisible except when hidden at startup and then shown.
- List object: object couldn't be shown if the Hide at start option was checked
- Movement controller object: crash in Set Object action if the object cannot be determined.
- Multiple touch object: Touch co-ordinates wrong within sub-apps, with or without the "Follow the frame" option.
- Physics Fan: bug in Set Strength action.
- Platform Movement Object: collision events weren't triggered in some cases for the selected object.
- RopeAndChain object: fixed weird rope positions due to damping.
- String Parser object: the delimiter was not added in Append & Prepend expressions.
- Sub-application object: Jerky sub-apps when "Follow the frame" is selected
- Sub-applications and transitions not always appearing in the emulator.
- Sub-application position not updated after a Set Position.
- Webview2: ported / updated to iOS.

XNA runtime

- Build error in Windows Phone / Xbox modes due to new expression/conditions


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2 Re: Fusion 2.5 Updates Betas el 27/5/2016, 09:21


Alaaaa!!! Que montón de novedades  2Ok

3 Re: Fusion 2.5 Updates Betas el 27/5/2016, 22:02


Ya era hora!!!

Aún tiene que sacar otra actualización con algunas características nuevas que prometieron, pero bueno supongo que tendremos que seguir esperando


4 Re: Fusion 2.5 Updates Betas el 21/6/2016, 11:23


Bueno decir que en poco tiempo han estado sacando varias betas ya van por la 286.3

Han incluido cosas que veníamos demandando hace tiempo, como la opción filtrar objetos bravo!!!

Build 286.3 - Change log

- Event List editor: (new in build 286) cursor position reset to first line after deleting an action.
- Event and Event List editors: after an Undo Cut/Delete command, the open/closed status of groups could be incorrectly modified.
- Event editor: the size and position of the Choose Sound dialog box was not saved.

Build 286.2 - Change log

- Event editor: crash when you right click a cell and a long action is truncated when it's added to the popup menu. Due to an optimization made in the build 286.0.

Build 286.1 - Change log

- Event editor: importing objects in behaviors was broken in 286.0.

Build 286.0 - Change log


- Preferences: a new option to disable syntax highlighting in the expression editor has been added, this allows to avoid or reduce inopportune language changes in the Windows language toolbar when several languages are installed.
- Frame editor: when you clone an active object after resizing it, it's old size was used in further operations like rotations.
- Global event editor: the Import New Object dialog does not highlight the selected object.
- Global event editor: a new command has been added to the View menu, you no longer need to click the button in the properties of the application to open it. Note: its keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+H, but it won't work unless you either reset the keyboard shortcuts in the toolbar settings (or set it manually), or uninstall and reinstall Fusion.
- Event editor: when you filter objects' events, groups that contain empty groups only are no longer displayed.
- Event editor: the icon of the first object in a folder is now displayed in the icon of the folder.
- Event editor: When an open group is selected and its events go past the bottom of the screen, the [ and ] icons of every open object folder will highlight.
- Event editor: space characters incorrectly inserted before ending parenthesis in some expressions.
- Event editor: multiple spaces were not visible in strings contained in expressions.
- Event editor: value names that contain AND, OR or XOR followed or preceded by a space character are now forbidden.
- Event editor: the Open / Close Group command was incorrectly opening / closing all the groups.
- Event editor: optimized, should be faster.
- Event editor: the object lists displayed in conditions and action dialog boxes now contain an edit box that allows you to filter the objects by name.
- Event List editor: the open/closed status of groups was not saved when you go from the event list editor to the frame editor.
- Event list editor: when you select multiple lines and drag them, only the last selected line was dragged.
- Event list editor: you couldn't delete several lines at the same time.
- Event list editor: double-clicking a comment now allows you to edit it.
- Event list editor: clicking an object icon in a condition parameter or in an action now selects this line.
- Event list editor: double-clicking an object icon in a condition parameter allows you to edit this icon.
- Event list editor and Event editor: their position is now synchronized. When you switch from one editor to the other, the position is now the same.
- Event list editor and Event editor: after you delete a multiple selection, the cursor was set to an incorrect line.
- Event list editor: optimized, should be faster.
- Expression editor: the parameter name of some expressions in non-Unicode extension was a generic name instead of the true name (for example "> Enter value here <" instead of "Item index between 0 and 12").
- Picture editor: the indicators in the direction control are now refreshed when you import an animation.
- Picture editor: when you import a graphic file and the file is not in the list of the most recent opened files, the import options are taken from the latest opened file.
- List & ComboBox objects: when you double click the object to edit its content, the last position and size of the list window is restored.
- Circular/Ellipse/Polygon/Vector/Sinewave Movements: the maximum position & radius size is no longer limited to 16000.
Windows runtime

- The graphics could stop updating on screen in certain cases in Direct3D mode, if the application contains objects that use a pixel shader using the background surface and the window was resized.
- Set Frame Height: had no effect if the new height was equal to the height of the frame window.
- Counter object: its size was not updated between the time it's created and its first display.
- Date & Time object: weird counting issue in stopwatch.
- Multiple Touch object: didn't work in Direct3D full screen mode.
- Physics engine: objects were shaking above a platform in some cases.
- Physics Platform movement: new "Apply deceleration to jumping when input stops" option, when this option is selected the object will decelerate while jumping when the horizontal directions of the joystick are released.
- Physics - Rope And Chain object: Crash in Collision With Object condition
- Physics - Rope And Chain object: when an object was attached to a rope and then detroyed, links to this object weren't correctly removed from the internal list of the rope object.
- Physics - Rope And Chain object: the Detach from Rope function was not correctly implemented, making the next Attach commands work randomly.
- Physics - Rope And Chain object: the Element Coordinate expression now return correct values.
- Strings: TABs characters weren't correctly handled in Direct3D 9 mode in the build 285.
- Strings: accented characters were ignored by the Upper$ and Lower$ functions. These functions now use the language settings of the application (in the About tab of its properties). Note: the accented characters are still ignored if you set the language to Neutral.
- Tree Control object: the transparent color was not taken into account in the images, it was always the black color.
- Physics - Ground, Joint and RopeAndChain object: probably didn't work on Windows XP. - par ver las descargas hay que tener una cuenta de usuario en al web de Clickteam y tener registrado Fusion 2.5 en la Web


5 Re: Fusion 2.5 Updates Betas el 21/6/2016, 11:27


Parece que se están poniendo las pilas, eso esta bien  Aplauso

6 Re: Fusion 2.5 Updates Betas el 2/7/2016, 19:18


Ya vamos por la 286.6

Son pequeños cambios pero si parece que definitivamente se han puesto las pilas


7 Re: Fusion 2.5 Updates Betas el 17/12/2016, 20:29


Actualizacion Build 288.0 - Change log

Build 288.0 - Change log


- Event and Event List editors: bookmarks! Use Ctrl+F11 to toggle a bookmark on the current line, F11 to go to the next bookmark, Shift+F11 to go to the previous bookmark, Ctrl+Shift+F11 to erase the bookmarks. In the Event editor you can also select if the bookmark stores the column information (in the Edit / Bookmarks menu). Note: for skins, the bookmark color is in a [EE_Bookmark] section in info.ini.

- Event editor: you can now negate Is Visible / Is Hidden / Is Flag On / Is Flag Off conditions, they are simply switched.

- Event editor: the font and colors of the latest comment you've inserted are saved.
- Event editor: the ENTER key now closes the Edit Comment dialog box and Ctrl+ENTER inserts a new line.

- Event editor: Go To Line didn't work if the line was in a sub-group of a closed group.
- Event editor: Go To Line didn't work if the line was in a closed group and the group was the last visible line.
- Event editor: "Go to" dialog boxes, text in edit box now selected by default.
- Event List editor: Go To Line was taking visible line numbers instead of real line numbers.
- Frame editor: the grid is now displayed when the zoom is less than 100%
- Workspace window: you can't rename objects anymore when an action editor is open, as this was causing issues.
- All objects: the "Compare to fixed value" condition is now at the bottom of the root of the Conditions menu, so that it's also available to objects without alterable values.

All runtimes

- All objects: new Name function, that allows you to retrieve the name of an object.
- Physics movements: new Get Angular Velocity expression.

Windows runtime

- New "Reduce CPU usage" option in Windows tab in application properties. Allows to reduce the CPU usage when the application is idle. Selecting this option may slightly reduce the performance of the application.
- New "Dont erase background if the frame has an effect" option in the Frame properties. This option is OFF by default. Allows the frame to use the previous display, for example for motion blur effects. This was more or less the previous default behavior but this was causing issues with some effects, so it was turned off in the build 287.
- Data Grid object: the comma is no longer considered as separator when you paste cells from an Excel spreadsheet.
- Data Grid object: empty celles weren't pasted.
- INI object: now supports INI files embedded in Binary Data. When you run the application, if the INI file exists on the machine, the program uses it, otherwise it searches for it in the binary data. If it's in the binary data, the file is extracted to a temporary file until you try to write a value. In this case the INI file is copied from the temporary folder to the normal directory and the value is written. We've also added a new "Create INI file to AppData folder" option that is compatible with binary data, unlike the previous one that didn't support full pathnames (required for files in binary data in the Windows runtime). Make sure you select this option if you both want to read the initial INI file from the binary data and write values to the INI file in the AppData folder.
- Physics Particles object: fix.
- String object: string not displayed if its height was greater than 32767 pixels.

Android runtime:

- Bug in FloatToString expression.
- Sounds: fixes, reverted incorrect changes done in previous build.
- Active Picture object: fixes in hotspots, etc.
- Admob object: fix.
- Phyics Joint object: fixes.
- String Parser: a comma had been incorrectly added as default delimiter.

iOS runtime

- Multiple Touch object: some objects could be not detected.
- Bug in FloatToString expression.
- Phyics Movements: Get Mass didn't work.
- String Parser: a comma had been incorrectly added as default delimiter.

SWF runtime

- String Parser: a comma had been incorrectly added as default delimiter.

HTML5 runtime

- Active Backdrop object: the hotspot of the image was not ignored, unlike the other runtimes.
- Physics Movement: Get Mass expression crash.
- Get: fixes for latest version of Chrome.
- Mouse clicks: you had to click twice in Internet Explorer.
- HTML5 object: incorrect MSIE name for Internet Explorer in emulation mode when you run from the editor with the Windows runtime.
- HTML5 object: better browser detection, separated detection of Edge browser from Internet Explorer.
- HTML5 object: new Is Edge condition.

UWP runtime

- Active Backdrop object: the hotspot of the image was not ignored, unlike the other runtimes.
- Physics Movement: Get Mass expression crash.
- HTML5 object: the Browser / Get OS Name function now returns "Windows.Desktop" on desktop machines, "Windows.Mobile" on Windows phones, "Windows.Xbox" on Xbox.

Mac runtime

- Embedded files didn't work with pathnames calculated with expressions.

Firefly extensions - build 1.06.12b

The update patches now also update the Firefly 3D extensions. Changes:

- examples.mfa : Added a Split-screen demo frame
- examples.mfa : Added Joint Demo frame
- examples.mfa : Added Shaders example frame
- examples.mfa : Added Static Mesh example frame
- examples.mfa : Added Clould Sprite particles example frame
- Firefly Engine: Changed Default Shadows to off.
- Firefly Engine: display window not destroyed when you jump to another frame.
- Firefly Engine: upgrade to a newer version of the Irrlicht engine.


8 Re: Fusion 2.5 Updates Betas el 17/12/2016, 22:53


Nivel: 8
Nivel: 8
Que raro, a mi no me deja actualizar a la versión 288

9 Re: Fusion 2.5 Updates Betas el 18/12/2016, 08:04


@ProgramacionMX Las betas no se pueden descargar desde Fusion  Smile

Desde Fusión sólo se puede descargar las Release Candidates que son las betas que se han estado probando durante un tiempo

Para descargar la beta hay que registrarse y registrar Fusion (Community Passport) en la Web de Clickteam

esto te abrirá la puertas al foro Product Owner's Lounge donde estan los enlaces para descargar


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